Peter Bloesch Listen


“A Friend Indeed:

The Bill Sackter Story”

(Soundtrack CD)


This will be the soundtrack CD of the music I wrote for an inspirational documentary film entitled “A Friend Indeed: The Bill Sackter Story.”
The soundtrack is not yet released.

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This CD has not yet been released, but you can hear excerpts of it here.

If you'd like to be notified when this CD is released, please let me know, and I'll notify you when it's available.


Barry Morrow, Oscar and Emmy Award-winning screenwriter:

“The challenge of a film score is a daunting one. As the moon dictates the tides, so the film composer choreographs the emotional currents swirling among the images on the screen. When it is done properly, the audience feels rather than hears the music, and the score enhances the film experience in subtle but profound ways.

Peter Bloesch has met this challenge, and his score for the documentary, 'A Friend Indeed,' reveals an artist working at the top of his craft. His thoughtful musical themes and deft emotional interpretations illuminate all the important beats in this heartfelt story, making the journey a magical one.”

— Barry Morrow, Oscar Award-winning Hollywood screenwriter (for “Rain Man”), and primary creative consultant for “A Friend Indeed: The Bill Sackter Story”


Lane Wyrick, film producer of “A Friend Indeed”:

“Working with Peter on the Bill Sackter documentary was a wonderful collaboration. The music he's created is brilliantly orchestrated and very moving. His film score is vital to the emotional power of my film.”

— Lane Wyrick, Mid-America Emmy Award-winning film producer