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Holiday Pops Arrangements with Chamber Orchestra

♦  You can learn more about this music here.
♦  To hear a sample of my full-orchestra pops music, please contact me.

"Go, Tell It on the Mountain!"  /  More info
"On This Day Earth Shall Ring"  /  More info
"The Seven Joys of Mary"  More info
"Ding Dong! Merrily on High"  /  More info
"See, Amid the Winter's Snow"  More info   
"The Holly and the Ivy"  /  More info
"I Saw Three Ships"  More info
"In the Bleak Midwinter"  /  Watch video (of the piano acc. version)  /  More info
"Joy to the World!"  /  More info
"Sweet Baby, Sleep" (original composition)  /  More info


Choral Music — A Cappella

♦  The pieces below were professionally performed by Matthew Curtis of Choral Tracks:

"Have You Forgotten?" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Old Joe Clark" (arr. of an American folk song)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Loch Lomond" (arr.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Afton Water" (arr. of a Scottish folk song)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Night" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Deck the Halls"
 (arr.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"There Is No Rose of Such Virtue" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Ding Dong! Merrily on High" (arr.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Silent Night" (arr.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Out of Your Sleep, Arise and Wake!" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"The Coventry Carol" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Methinks I See an Heavenly Host" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Behold a Simple, Tender Babe"
 (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Let Christians All with Joyful Mirth" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Death, Be Not Proud" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"You Spotted Snakes" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info

Choral Music — With Keyboard Accompaniment

♦  The pieces below were professionally performed by Matthew Curtis of Choral Tracks:

"Sleep" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"All This Night Shrill Chanticleer" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"All Through the Night" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"She's Like the Swallow" (arr.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"The First Nowell" (orig. comp.) 
Watch video  /  More info
"Simple Gifts" (arr.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"This Endris Night" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Balulalow" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Jesus Christ the Apple Tree" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Shenandoah" (arr.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"See, Amid the Winter's Snow" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"My Heart Is Like a Singing Bird" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Psalm 121 (I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes)" (orig. comp.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day" (arr.)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose"
 (arr.)  /  Watch video  /  More info


Film Music:  "A Friend Indeed: The Bill Sackter Story"

Below are excerpts from my inspirational film score:

End Credits  /  Watch my music video*
Bill Moves to Iowa  /  Watch my music video*
Opening Credits  /  Watch my music video*
Movie Trailer #1
Movie Trailer #2
Film Company Logo

* Note: These music videos were made by me, to feature my music. They do not contain any images from the actual Bill Sackter film. The video I made for my End Credits music features photos of the real Bill Sackter.

♦  To hear more sound clips from this film,
click here.
♦  To learn more about this film, click here.

Concert Suite from "A Friend Indeed: The Bill Sackter Story"

The following pieces are selections from my "A Friend Indeed ~ Concert Suite," which is a concert work based on the themes from my film score.
"Bill's Theme"    /    "New Beginnings"
To hear sound clips from the actual film score, click here.

Orchestral Program Music

With my background in film scoring, I decided to write some original concert pieces for full (or chamber) orchestra which have a cinematic feel to them. Each of these pieces has a different dramatic theme — they sound just like film music but were written for the concert hall. (Please note: They are not currently available for performance.)

A potpourri of dramatic themes:

"In a Hurry"
  (Comedy, portraying the hustle and bustle of a big city)  /  Watch video
"The Escape"  (Action/Adventure music)
"The Fire" — excerpt  (Eerie music)
"Learning the Truth"  (Emotionally intense music)   
"The Secret Treehouse"  (Children's Adventure music)  Watch video
"Ireland ~ Land of Beauty"  (A tribute to the Emerald Isle) Watch video
"A Life of Honor"  (Historical Drama theme)
"The Soldier's Dream"  (Suspenseful music)

"The Journey Home" (Period Drama Romance):
1. Main Theme  /  Watch video
2. The Carriage Ride
3. Saying Goodbye

"Sketches from Appalachia" (Period Drama, 1930's):
1. Sunrise on the Mountain
2. Mountain Grandeur
3. Lost in the Forest
4. Nightfall on the Mountain
5. Night of Reflection  /  Watch video

Television Music (while working with Mike Post)

"L.A. Law" —  Opening scene  /  Romantic scene
"Law & Order" —  Dramatic scene



A string arrangement of Dvořák's "Songs My Mother Taught Me" and the traditional folk song "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" — For more information, click here.

♦  To hear the entire piece, click here.  (This is a large file, since the piece is ca. 8 mins.)
♦  Or, select from the following four excerpts:
Beginning of the piece  /  Middle of "Songs My Mother Taught Me"  /
Transition from "Songs My Mother Taught Me" into "Twinkle"  /   Ending of the piece

"A Christmas Suite" for Flute, Viola, and Guitar

"Wassail!"  /  Watch video
"I Saw Three Ships"  /  Watch video
"Away in a Manger"  /  Watch video  
"Ding Dong! Merrily on High"  /  Watch video
"Silent Night"

For more information on this music, click here.

Spillville Variations on a Theme by Dvorak

A set of 15 variations (each by a different composer) based on a theme by Dvořák, and scored for flute, viola, and guitar. My variation is a fugue based on the theme.
Main theme (transcribed by Jan Boland)  /  My variation (a fugue)
For more information on this music, click here.

Violin Sonatina

I. Andante  /  II. Allegro energico  /  III. Molto tranquillo  (Watch video of mvt. 3)
For more information on this piece, click here.


Hymn Arrangements

"Joy to the World"  /  More info
"It Came Upon the Midnight Clear"  /  Watch video  /  More info
"All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name"  /  Watch video  /  This piece is not currently available.

Choral Church Music

"Psalm 150" (Praise Ye the Lord!)/  More info
"Sing We All! 'Tis Christmas Morning"  /  Watch video  /  More info

* Sound clip coming soon

Organ Music

"Of the Father's Love Begotten"  (Postlude)  /  Watch video  /  More info
"Blessed Be That Maid, Mary"  (Offertory)  /  More info
Note: "Blessed Be That Maid Mary" is a noisy recording, but a wonderful performance!

"A Christmas Interlude for Oboe and Organ"

This offertory is an arrangement of "Lo, How a Rose" and "The Sussex Carol."
Sound clip  (This is not a professional recording.)  Watch video  /  More info

"A Christmas Interlude for Strings"

This offertory is an arrangement of "In the Bleak Midwinter" and "Quem Pastores."
Hear excerpt  (This is not a professional recording.)  /  More info


Hope you enjoyed what you heard!