Peter Bloesch Listen

“Peter, I’m eager to endorse how much I admire your pops music — it’s an absolute delight!  I just love the imagination that you’ve put into these sparkling, charming pieces.”

— Joe Harnell, Grammy Award-winning arranger for many celebrated singers, including Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra

Holiday Pops Music


Having studied with the top arrangers in Hollywood, I’ve been inspired to create holiday arrangements that are colorful, dramatic, and “cinematic sounding.”

I studied privately with the legendary Angela Morley, who created brilliant arrangements for Julie Andrews, Joshua Bell, and the Boston Pops. Another mentor was Joe Harnell, who arranged for Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland.
I also studied with Irwin Kostal (arranger for “The Sound of Music”), Alexander Courage (composer for “Star Trek”), David Raksin (composer for “Laura”), and Dr. Buddy Baker (director of music at Walt Disney for 28 years) — all amazing composers and arrangers.

I learned much from these legends, and have combined their insights with my own personal, contemporary style to create holiday pieces that are unique, fresh, and emotionally powerful.

Pieces for FULL Orchestra (with & without chorus)

I'm currently re-formatting most of my full-orchestra pops music into Sibelius, and these pieces will be available in fall of 2024. However, five of my most popular holiday pieces for full orchestra are currently available (three with chorus and orchestra, and two for orchestra alone).

Pieces for CHAMBER Orchestra (with chorus)

I invite you to explore my holiday music for chorus and chamber orchestra). These pieces are all available at this time, and are great for holiday programs with reduced instrumentation. They're also ideal for church services.

Even though these pieces have a smaller ensemble, they still sound full, rich, and sparkling because of the way I arranged and orchestrated them. Please note that they've also been successfully performed by larger orchestras.

How to Purchase My Pops Music

♦  Email me to place an order.  Please mention which piece you'd like to purchase, and when it will be performed.

♦  I will then email you an invoice from PayPal. You can pay this invoice with any credit card, even if you don't have a PayPal account. Once payment is received, I will email you a set of PDFs which you can print.

♦  Please note that I do not rent my pops music; instead, I sell it. By purchasing my pops music, you are given the right to perform it as often as you like, for just one initial purchase price.

♦  If you're considering performing my holiday pops music and would like to hear a demo, please contact me for a password to this private page.