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Choral ~ General ~ A Cappella

“Old Joe Clark”

(An arrangement of the American folk song)


SCORING:  SATB a cappella (frequent divisi)

DURATION:  ca. 2:05   —   DIFFICULTY:  4/5   —   PAGES IN PDF SCORE:  18

HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER   —   PDF:  $50 (for all the copies you need)

The overtly humorous and playful nature of this American folk song inspired me to create an arrangement that's jaunty, fast-paced, and very energetic. This piece would add a touch of levity to any concert, and would be especially fun and appropriate for an All-State choir.

Old Joe Clark

Traditional American folk song

Complete text:

      Fare, fare thee well, Old Joe Clark!
      Fare, fare thee well, I say.
      Fare, fare thee well, Old Joe Clark!
      I ain't got too long to stay.

Old Joe Clark, he had a house,
Fifteen stories high.
Ev'ry story in that house
Was filled with chicken pie.

      Fare thee well, Old Joe Clark!
      Fare thee well, I say.
      Fare thee well, Old Joe Clark!
      I ain't got long to stay.

I won't go to Old Joe's house,
Told you that before.
He fed me in an old hog trough;
I won't go there no more!

Wish I had a nickel, son.
Wish I had a dime.
I wish I had a handsome boy
To kiss and call him mine!

Wish I had a pretty girl.
I'd give her all that's mine.
We'd sing and dance the whole day through;
Our dancing would be fine!

Old Joe Clark had a yellow cat,
She would not sing nor pray.
She stuck her head in a buttermilk jar,
And washed her sins away!

      Round and around and around and around!
     Old Joe Clark!

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