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Jan Boland, Red Cedar Chamber Music:

“The musical works of Peter Bloesch are fresh, imaginative, and just plain fun! Underlying this accessibility is a thorough understanding of compositional form and technique. That's what makes Peter's compositions so successful — deep knowledge and experience set off with a dash of good humor.

            — Jan Boland
Flutist and Former Executive Director of Red Cedar Chamber Music

Dr. Buddy Baker,
former Director of Music at Walt Disney:

“I got to know Peter and his music quite well and consider him to be an outstanding composer. He has an excellent grasp of orchestration and a keen sense of what will move the listener — his music has a deep, emotional quality that is uplifting and inspirational.

            — Dr. Buddy Baker
former Director of Music at Walt Disney

Dr. Christian Tiemeyer, orchestral conductor:

Peter's music has thrilled our audiences with its freshness and emotional power. I recommend the music of Peter Bloesch wholeheartedly. Your orchestra and your audience will be delighted if you perform it!”

Dr. Christian Tiemeyer
 former Music Director of Orchestra Iowa

Dr. Randal A. McChesney, choral conductor:

Accessible and artistic, the music of Peter Bloesch deserves attention and frequent performance.

— Dr. Randal A. McChesney
Past President, Choristers Guild Board of Directors;
Former Executive Director, 
Richards Institute of Education and Research

Stevie Ballard, film producer:

“Peter Bloesch is capable of just about anything when it comes to composing music. His music is majestic and thrilling.

 Stevie Ballard
An Executive Film Producer with American Visions,
a film production company that has created many PBS documentaries

John Dowdall, Red Cedar Chamber Music:

I find Peter's chamber music totally engaging. His in-depth knowledge of the classical style of composition and his background as a Hollywood film score composer combine to give his music a freshness and energy that is intellectually satisfying and viscerally stimulating.

As a guitarist, I am particularly appreciative of his ability to weave the guitar into the melodic and contrapuntal texture of a piece while retaining an ease of playability for the guitarist — not an easy task for any composer.

            — John Dowdall
Guitarist and Former Artistic Director of Red Cedar Chamber Music

Joe Harnell, film composer and pops arranger:

Peter Bloesch was a student in my class in the 'Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television' program at the USC School of Music. In that setting, I was able to closely observe his exceptional talents, his passionate approach to music, and his ever-positive attitude.  

And over the years, as I've kept in close contact with him and his various music projects, I've become only more and more impressed with this remarkably talented composer and what he has created. His creations are imaginative, compelling, and accessible.

He has an incredible background in every area of music — pops arranging, film music, and music for the concert stage — and puts all of these genres to good use, coming up with a style that is all his own.

I consider Peter to be one of the most gifted composers I have ever associated with, and I always look forward to seeing what piece of music he comes up with next!

— Joe Harnell
Film composer, and Grammy Award-winning arranger for many
celebrated singers,
including Frank Sinatra and Beverly Sills;
Pupil of Aaron Copland and Nadia Boulanger