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Instrumental Music

Dr. Christian Tiemeyer, orchestral conductor:

Peter Bloesch is a wonderful composer, arranger, and orchestrator. His music exhibits prodigious gifts of creativity, drama, and a flair for orchestration. His music has thrilled our audiences with its freshness and emotional power.

In addition, our orchestra and chorus members have expressed unusual delight in performing his music, which speaks well for his part writing.

I recommend the music of Peter Bloesch wholeheartedly. Your orchestra and your audience will be delighted if you perform it!”

Dr. Christian Tiemeyer
 former Music Director of Orchestra Iowa

Doris Preucil, Founder of the Preucil School of Music:

'Remembrances' is a piece for String Orchestra, Harp, and Piano, with optional melody parts for less advanced violins and violas. It is based on two melodies that evoke feelings of love and nostalgia — 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' and Dvořák's 'Songs My Mother Taught Me.'

Peter's arrangement is creative and the scoring is rich. He knows how to write effectively for strings and knows how to bring out maximum resonance. Performers and audiences alike are very moved by this piece, and I listen to it again and again.

'Remembrances' was written for a concert featuring alumni and honoring my retirement as Director of the Preucil School of Music, a Suzuki-based institution with over 800 students. It is especially meaningful for those who have grown up in the Suzuki environment, since they began their musical journey with 'Twinkle' and parental help, but it is equally desirable and effective as a concert piece. I am most happy to recommend it.

Doris Preucil
Founder and Director Emeritus of the Preucil School of Music,
and Former President of the Suzuki Association of the Americas

Clarisse Atcherson, Suzuki instructor:

'Remembrances' by Peter Bloesch is a favorite piece for my husband and me. We sit on the porch on summer evenings and listen to it over and over. There's something about the lush, full-string orchestration, enhanced by piano and harp, that makes it evoke deep feelings in the listener.  

Peter's use of introduction, transition, and coda is masterful. The piece flows from Dvořák's 'Songs my Mother Taught Me' into a magical, stately arrangement of 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,' and ends with a grand flourish.

I loved performing this piece and hope I will play it many more times. I highly recommend it to string ensembles.

Clarisse Atcherson
Suzuki instructor;  Past President of the
Oregon Chapter of the American String Teachers Association;
and violinist with the Oregon Symphony

Jan Boland, Red Cedar Chamber Music:

“Peter Bloesch's 'Christmas Suite' is real crowd-pleaser! Peter has woven several beautiful holiday melodies into a charming Suite that entertains even the most sophisticated listener with its nod to classical forms.

            — Jan Boland
Flutist and Former Executive Director of Red Cedar Chamber Music

John Dowdall, Red Cedar Chamber Music:

“Peter Bloesch's music is exhilarating and fun! The variation he provided us for 'Spillville Variations on a Theme by Dvořák' sparkles with a savory mix of Baroque fugal technique and a sense of Hollywood bravura and dramatic climax.

Peter's ability to achieve a fullness of sound with the modest forces of flute, viola, and guitar — while also employing a broad palette of harmonic and contrapuntal elements — is really quite astonishing and totally satisfying!

            — John Dowdall
Guitarist and Former Artistic Director of Red Cedar Chamber Music

Gramophone Magazine:

“[The 'Spillville Variations' piece] has obviously struck a rich compositional vein. The composers gathered here rise to the occasion and do justice to both their honoree and their performers.

From the respective canon and fugue of Peter Hamlin and Peter Bloesch to the dance inspirations of Lyle Dockendorff's 'Spillville Waltz,' ... these miniatures balance distinctive gravitas with a certain lightness of touch.

From beginning to end, this collection teases the ear but delivers the kind of musical pay-off that all light music should strive for.

            — Ken Smith
Gramophone Magazine

Robert Lindsey Nassif, Broadway composer:

“Peter, every year I love playing your CD of 'A Symphony of Carols.' It's my favorite holiday CD and really captures the magic and majesty of the season. Your arrangements are so creative, masterful, and imaginative, and always put me immediately in the holiday spirit!

Robert Lindsey-Nassif
Award-winning Broadway composer