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BRIEF DESCRIPTION:  A lush and emotionally stirring arrangement of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and Dvořák's “Songs My Mother Taught Me”  —
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AUDIENCE:  This piece is suitable for any string-orchestra concert, but would be especially meaningful for groups who are associated with the Suzuki Method of instruction.

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SCORING:  Large string ensemble, with harp and piano  —
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This string piece was written to honor Doris and Bill Preucil on the occasion of their retirement from the Preucil School of Music, a renowned Suzuki Method institution in Iowa City, Iowa.

I was honored that this piece was chosen to conclude the Gala Benefit Concert of the 2014 Conference of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

The piece is a lush and emotionally stirring string arrangement of two melodies which have significance for the Preucils:

♦  Dvořák's “Songs My Mother Taught Me” (a favorite piece of Doris Preucil's)

♦  “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” (the very first piece every Suzuki student learns)

This piece is featured on the “Remembrances” CD.


For $85 + S&H, I will send you a MASTER SET of parts, which will allow you to make your own copies of the parts, as well as your own full score.


VIOLIN 1:  Divides into solo violin and divisi parts for gli altri A & B, so a minimum of 12 players is desirable

VIOLIN 2:  Divides into A & B, so a minimum of 12 players is desirable

VIOLA:  Divides into solo viola and divisi parts for gli altri A & B, so a minimum of 8 players is desirable

CELLO:  Divides into solo cello and divisi parts for gli altri A & B, so a minimum of 8 players is desirable

DOUBLE BASS:  A minimum of 4 players is desirable

HARP  (obbligato)

PIANO  (obbligato)



RIPIENO VIOLIN 1  (any quantity)

RIPIENO VIOLIN 2  (any quantity)

RIPIENO VIOLA  (any quantity)

NOTE:  The ripieno parts offer less advanced players the opportunity to play the basic melodies (in a reasonable octave range) with the core group during several of the louder sections.



CORE GROUP STRINGS:  Moderately-to-rather difficult — recommended for professional musicians or highly advanced high school musicians

HARP:  Difficult — recommended for a professional musician

PIANO:  Moderately difficult — recommended for a professional musician or an advanced high school musician

RIPIENO VIOLIN 1 & RIPIENO VIOLA:  Average — these parts are optional and are suitable for above-average high school musicians or advanced younger musicians

RIPIENO VIOLIN 2:  Even somewhat simpler than the Ripieno Violin 1 part, since the parts are usually an octave lower — this part is optional and is suitable for average high school musicians or above-average younger musicians


Doris Preucil, Founder of the Preucil School of Music:

 'Remembrances' is a piece for String Orchestra, Harp, and Piano, with optional melody parts for less advanced violins and violas. It is based on two melodies that evoke feelings of love and nostalgia — 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' and Dvořák's 'Songs My Mother Taught Me.'

Peter's arrangement is creative and the scoring is rich. He knows how to write effectively for strings and knows how to bring out maximum resonance. Performers and audiences alike are very moved by this piece, and I listen to it again and again.

'Remembrances' was written for a concert featuring alumni and honoring my retirement as Director of the Preucil School of Music, a Suzuki-based institution with over 800 students. It is especially meaningful for those who have grown up in the Suzuki environment, since they began their musical journey with 'Twinkle' and parental help, but it is equally desirable and effective as a concert piece. I am most happy to recommend it.

Doris Preucil, Founder and Director Emeritus of the Preucil School of Music, and Former President of the Suzuki Association of the Americas


Clarisse Atcherson, Suzuki instructor:

'Remembrances' by Peter Bloesch is a favorite piece for my husband and me. We sit on the porch on summer evenings and listen to it over and over. There's something about the lush, full-string orchestration, enhanced by piano and harp, that makes it evoke deep feelings in the listener.  

Peter's use of introduction, transition, and coda is masterful. The piece flows from Dvořák's 'Songs my Mother Taught Me' into a magical, stately arrangement of 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,' and ends with a grand flourish.

I loved performing this piece and hope I will play it many more times.
I highly recommend it to string ensembles.

Clarisse Atcherson, Suzuki instructor;  Past President of the Oregon Chapter of the American String Teachers Association; and violinist with the Oregon Symphony


Audience comment:

“Your string piece 'Remembrances' was truly wonderful. I had to 'weep a little weep' when I heard your arrangement of 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.' It was so full of emotion and like no other 'Twinkle' I've heard before.



  Doris and Bill Preucil have had a profound, positive impact on the international

music community. They've played an integral part in the development of the

Suzuki Method, which has enriched the lives of countless people around the world.