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Bill Sackter played a major role
in helping our society have a more
positive and understanding view

of people with disabilities.

“Working with Peter on the Bill Sackter documentary was a wonderful collaboration.  The music he's created is brilliantly orchestrated and very moving.  

His film score is vital to the emotional power of my film.

— Lane Wyrick, Mid-American Emmy Award-winning film producer

“Peter's score for the documentary film 'A Friend Indeed' reveals an artist working at the top of his craft.  His thoughtful musical themes and deft emotional interpretations illuminate all the important beats in this heartfelt story, making the journey a magical one.

— Barry Morrow,
Oscar Award-winning Hollywood
screenwriter (for Rain Man)

Film Music

As a film composer, I've enjoyed working on a diverse range of projects over the years. But my favorite project was writing the music for a poignant documentary film called “A Friend Indeed: The Bill Sackter Story.” Please see below for details on this film project:

“A Friend Indeed: The Bill Sackter Story”

This documentary tells the story of Bill Sackter, a mentally challenged man who was cruelly confined to an institution for over forty years. After being released into the care of his loving friends, he was finally able to flourish and live a vibrant life. 

Bill's life story has inspired many people around the world, and reminds us that we’re at our best when there are people who believe in us. 

I was honored to work on this project with film producer Lane Wyrick (Mid-America Emmy Award winner) and consultant Barry Morrow (Oscar winner for his screenplay for “Rain Man,” and a good friend of Bill Sackter's).

This award-winning film has aired nationwide on PBS a number of times. You can purchase your own copy of this emotionally powerful film, direct from Amazon. Or watch it on Amazon Prime.

About the Music

Because of the inspiring nature of this documentary, the producer asked me to create an original music score that is rich-sounding, emotionally nuanced, and deeply moving. I was very moved by the story of Bill Sackter, so I found that the music flowed from me quite easily.

The producer and I agreed that using a fairly large orchestra was essential to our goals, so we decided to go against the grain and score this film as an emotionally powerful drama instead of a typical fact-filled documentary.

I was thrilled to be able to record the music with Seattle Music, a top-tier orchestra that's hired to record many Hollywood film scores. 

I plan on releasing a Soundtrack CD of the film score sometime in the future.

Discover more about this film

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A sampling of audience comments about the music

♦  “Thank you SO much for an incredible film — the story of one man's life and how much he made a difference to so many! Remarkable footage and amazing music that depicts the beauty of Bill.

♦  “This documentary is very moving, very touching, and the music score really is a gem. The story is a living testament of how human beings should treat each other. 

♦  “This documentary touched me deeply. We have a child that has high-functioning autism. The message of this film is what I feel for our own child. Thanks for an incredible experience. The music made the movie so moving. I cried all the way through the movie — as did everyone around me!